Weather latest: Schools to open fully tomorrow, but be aware of potential flooding

Snow being cleared away in Selkirk's Yarrow Terrace on Friday.Snow being cleared away in Selkirk's Yarrow Terrace on Friday.
Snow being cleared away in Selkirk's Yarrow Terrace on Friday.
The region is slowly returning to normal after last week's snow storms, but Scottish Borders Council has urged the public to prepare themselves for further disruption.

Here’s an update as to what you can expect in the next few days...


It is anticipated that all schools will be open as normal tomorrow (Tuesday), however, some rural school transport may be affected by local conditions.

Weather forecast

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A Yellow (be aware) weather warning for snow and ice is valid until 11.55pm today. Following that, a Yellow weather warning comes into force for rain and snow, which runs until 9pm on Tuesday.

Further snow showers are expected over higher ground, with rain and sleet at lower levels, where slightly higher temperatures will also bringing a thaw.

Due to the significant volumes of snow across the region, a thaw at lower levels combined with rainfall of up to 25mm, will likely result in surface water flooding.

Waste collections

All domestic waste collections were suspended on Monday, with staff continuing to assist with snow clearance.

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Bin collections missed during the adverse weather will be picked up on the next scheduled collection day.

Excess bagged waste will be collected at this time.

Excess recycling can be presented except in black bin bags, with clear recycling bags available from SBC Contact Centres.

Winter maintenance

Winter maintenance operations were out on primary routes this morning and through the afternoon are working on secondary routes, prioritising school transport routes where possible.

Ongoing efforts are being made to clear the remaining roads which are blocked by snow, however, due to the volume of snow this is proving time consuming, with snow blowers required in some instances.

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Tracey Logan, the council’s chief executive, said: “While we continue to deal with snow clearance, we are now preparing for the potential for flooding, ensuring sandbag stores are stocked and checking flood grilles, for example.

“There is a degree of uncertainty about the volume of rain we may see during Tuesday morning and early afternoon, and combined with the risk of large quantities of melting snow at lower levels, there is a real risk of surface water flooding.

“We are also closely monitoring local river levels, as they, too, may be impacted depending on at what height and where the thaw occurs.

“This all brings new challenges for our staff and our communities, and I’d urge residents to make sure they are appropriately prepared.”