Vinegar comes out top as favourite '˜garnish' for chips

It's official, Scottish consumers have been voting and have decided that their favourite topping on chips is traditional salt 'n' vinegar.

But vinegar is joint top in the Fife area, as residents choose both vinegar (39%) and “another” (39%) topping altogether as their preferred choice for chips.

As the age old debate over whether salt ’n’ sauce or salt ’n’ vinegar is the favoured choice, Scotty Brand decided to find out once and for all what Scottish people preferred to accompany their chips. With the launch of its Chippy style chips, Scotty Brand can reveal that nearly half of Scots (49%) like vinegar with their chips, with only a fifth ( 22%) choosing brown chip shop sauce as their preferred condiment.

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Michael Jarvis, head of marketing for Scotty Brand said; “When we introduced our new Scotty Brand Chippy Chips to market we were intrigued with how many variations of toppings people had for their chips. Traditionally there has always been a geographical split west / east when it comes to the vinegar / sauce debate and the survey shows that, apart from Edinburgh and Borders, salt and vinegar is the clear winner in all other areas.”

The pan Scotland survey revealed a geographical divide in taste buds:

Salt & vinegar is preferred in all areas except:

Edinburgh & Borders where salt and sauce is the favourite topping for more than two-fifths

And Fife where it is equal top with ‘something else’

Highlands & Islands residents were least likely to pick salt and sauce

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However, more than a third of those living in Fife, Paisley area, Perthshire, Highlands & Islands and Dundee said they preferred another topping altogether.

But it isn’t just vinegar and sauce that has divided the nation; from ketchup to gravy, curry to cheese, it seems that there is a wealth of condiments to go with chips. Interestingly, only 3% owned up to the rather indulgent classic of chips & cheese, whilst 16% of people follow the Belgian way and opt for mayonnaise to dip their chips. 7% like their chips naked and prefer to eat them as they are, whereas only 1% like to spice things up with a bit of chilli sauce. And most alarming, apparently 6% of those surveyed claim not to eat chips at all, (which we at Scotty HQ just can’t quite believe!).

Scotty Brand Chippy Chips are made using Scottish grown potatoes, and have a traditional chip-shop style with an authentically irregular cut.

Michael Jarvis said, “We wanted to ensure that we delivered chips that had an authentic taste and look to them. Scotty Brand chips are made from Scottish potatoes and are cut to produce chips that vary in size and shape, giving them a true “Chippy” feel.”

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Scotty Brand chips are coated only in sunflower oil, which makes them particularly versatile.

Michael, continued, “Scotty Brand Chippy Chips can be cooked in two different ways offering variety and choice to our customers. As the chips are not coated in batter they can be oven cooked for a healthier chip or if, you prefer your chips served in a more traditional way, you can deep fry them to create the perfect chippy chips at home, served with your favourite topping!”

Scotty Brand Chippy Chips are available in selected COOP stores throughout Scotland.

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