Improvements being demanded at Galashiels roundabout

Improvements are being demanded to a roundabout in Galashiels said to be potentially posing an accident risk due to its markings being in need of repainting.

Wednesday, 4th September 2019, 9:26 am
Councillor Harry Scott at the Ladhope Vale roundabout in Galashiels.

Galashiels councillor Harry Scott has previously raised concerns about the state of the junction of Ladhope Vale, High Buckholmside and Bridge Place, and, although council workers have now replaced signage, he says the road markings there are still in poor condition. 

Mr Scott put a question about a roundabout to the latest full meeting of Scottish Borders Council, saying: “The signage at, and the design of the junction at Ladhope Vale and Bridge Place, Galashiels, has been the subject of much controversy for some time.

“Whilst the roadside signage has been improved, the white roundel marking and arrows in the centre of the junction are almost invisible and in serious need of restoration. 

“These white roadway markings are a major factor in road safety by informing drivers that they are about to negotiate a mini-roundabout.

“When will these markings be restored to a state where they fully perform the purpose for which they are intended?”

Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar, the authority’s executive member for roads and infrastructure, assured him that action will be taken but couldn’t confirm when, replying: “The condition of lining within the towns is assessed annually by council officers within assets and infrastructure.

“The white roundel marking and arrows on the roundabout at the Ladhope Vale and Bridge Place junction have been added to the list of town lining for Galashiels and issued for programming.

“We do not have an exact date for the lining at the junction to be carried out. However, we anticipate that it will be completed this calendar year.”