Top causes of anxiety for young drivers revealed

According to a survey of 450 customers of Marmalade, the leading provider of cars and insurance for young drivers, some 30% of respondents stated that they worry most about breaking down and approaching junctions and roundabouts whilst behind the wheel.

The survey revealed that the top five most common worries for young drivers include:

1) Breaking down

2) Junctions/roundabouts

3) Busy traffic/cities

4) Parking/manoeuvre

5) Driving in bad weather conditions.

This latest research indicates that a lot of anxiety for young drivers is based on their lack of experience. Ensuring that a young person gets lots of practice with their parent before taking their test can give the novice driver lots more confidence when they pass their test and drive on their own. This encouragement is a key approach of Marmalade’s in supporting its customers and there’s lots more advice here.

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Marmalade has also found that for many young drivers, having a black box installed in their car can help alleviate some of these anxieties in a practical way, offering reassurance for a novice driver. Marmalade’s customer portal enables young drivers to check in on their journeys, helping them improve their skills and see where they really need to improve and where they are driving safely.

Mike Haslam, a 21-year-old shop assistant and a Marmalade black box policy customer, says: “When I first passed my test I had a few concerns about certain roads and it made driving more stressful that it had to be. Now that I have been driving for a few months I do feel more confident and have a lot less worries than before.

“It’s great having my black box in the car as I do still check my journeys regularly, and after a long trip to Bournemouth from my home near London, the box flagged that I am most unsafe on roundabouts. As a result I have changed the way I drive, being careful to slow down earlier and not brake as hard. I think practice and experience helps so much in easing worries.”

Crispin Moger, CEO of Marmalade, says: “Feeling anxious behind the wheel can put a lot of stress on a young driver and makes drivers more at risk on the road, as it affects their concentration. Our latest research amongst our customers helps us understand the concerns of new drivers and means we can ensure we are helping hone their skills, building their confidence and encouraging as much as experience on the road as possible to get them used to driving in lots of different conditions. For those using our black box policy, they always have a way of looking back at their journeys and keeping an eye on their progress – it’s a brilliant safety tool.”

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