The worst place to find a parking space in Scotland is...the granite city

It might not surprise you to learn that Scottish drivers spend almost four days a year looking for parking spaces.

A recent survey measured which cities, towns and local authority areas in Scotland were the hardest to find a place to park.

Based on the average daily traffic flow and ratio of vehicles to available parking spaces, Aberdeen narrowly took the top spot, with 63 vehicles in the city fighting for every parking space.

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However, Dundee wasn’t far behind with an average of 62 vehicles clamouring for every space.

With adverse weather conditions forecast this weekend, and just nine shopping days left to get those Christmas gifts, no doubt parking will be at a premium in most of our town centres.

According to the GoCompare survey, though, these are the worst offenders:

1. Aberdeen - 63 vehicles per parking space

2. Dundee City - 62

3. Perth and Kinross - 50

4. Fife - 44

5. Renfrewshire - 40

6. Edinburgh - 32

7. Glasgow - 29

8. West Lothian - 22.79

9. North Lanarkshire - 22.71

10. Stirling - 8

11. South Lanarkshire 5.89

So if you’re braving the roads this weekend, don’t be a selfish parker – keep your vehicle in the lines, don’t park in a disabled bay if you’re not entitled to and give everyone a chance to nip in and get their essentials. It is the season of goodwill, after all!

To find out more about the survey, and to see how other areas across the UK fared, visit the website