Shiver me timbers, Jim lad ... X marks the spot in Galashiels

It be arrrr really good idea to up anchor and sail for the Volunteer Hall in Galashiels this week for thr Right Angle Theatre's production of Treasure Island.

There be a host of weel-kent faces under the greasepaint, and they can’t wait to tell the tale of Jim (Stuart Mitchell) and the dastardly Long John Silver (Gordon Keddie), helped along by a cast of multi-talented locals.

It bein’ a panto, there also be chances for the audience to participate, with the odd “It’s behind you” and many a song to sing-a-long to.

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They’ve cleverly chosen some favourite tunes to get the crowds going – Whisky in the Jar; Oom Pah Pah; Drunken Sailor; Go West; Wonderful World; Crest of a Wave; and, of course, that old sea shanty Shut Up and Dance With Me.

The show runs nightly this week, finishing on Saturday evening.

Tickets (£8) are available from Noble’s fishmongers and Fountain News in Bank St.

So grab your eyepatch, hoist the mainsail and enjoy!

Cast list

Spirit of the Seas: Chloe Muir

Long John Silver: Gordon Keddie

Rosie Bloom: Jodie Millar

Potty Patsy: Rachel Falconer

Jim: Stuart Mitchell

Squire: Scott Robertson

Billy Barnacle: Tracy Borthwick

Blind Ali: Greg Robertson

Sea Snake Sally: Amanda Blacklock

Penny: Lauren Gracie

Jolly Rodger (Tues, Thu, Sat): Aidan Hodgson. (Wed, Fri): Aly Turnbull.

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Salty Sam (Tue, Thu, Sat): Caitlin Green; (Wed; Fri): Calum Crooks.

Cut Throat Kate (Tue, Thu, Sat): Aimee Richardson; (Wed, Fri): Katie Wilson.

Captain Mullett: Emma Wilson.

Barmy Beth: Julie Smith.

Dancers: Sara Facchini, Caiomhe Minnikin, Chloe Muir, Hannah Scott and Amy Thomson.

Chorus: Rhuiridh Anderson, Ruby Everett, Hannah Green, Katie Horsburgh, Nicole Hughes, Emma Johnston, Katie Loughran, Shannon Mack, Sarah Philips, Gemma Proudfoot, Leanne Robinson, Antony Wilson and Sara Young.

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Children (Tue, Thu, Sat): Abigail Burns, Ellie Cockburn, Lucy D’Agrosa, Rhianna Devlin, Faith Heriot, Erin Liddle, Carrie Smith, Isla Train, Molly Turnbull and Ellie Welsh.

Children (Wed, Fri): Katie Bell, Charli Black, Lucy Clark, Grace De Coteau, Georgie Everett, Sky Hume, Darcie Liddle, Olivia Lugton, Hannah Turnbull and Max Turnbull.