Hawick furniture firm worker Susan retires after almost 30 years

Susan Campbell has retired from Chrysties Furnishing Centre in Hawick.Susan Campbell has retired from Chrysties Furnishing Centre in Hawick.
Susan Campbell has retired from Chrysties Furnishing Centre in Hawick.
A dedicated worker for a Hawick business has been forced to call it a day due to ill health after almost 30 years.

Susan Campbell had worked as an administrator at Chrysties Furnishing Centre since founder Bob Chrystie opened it in 1990.

For 29 years, she did its estimates and made sure that invoices, particularly for the carpeting and flooring departments, were correct and sent out on time.

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The 59-year-old didn’t want to retire but decided to do so after suffering a recurrence of ill health.

Susan was a respected member of staff at the Victoria Road shop, now employing 29 staff, and she was reunited with her colleagues at the Mansfield House Hotel in Hawick to celebrate her career and be wished a happy retirement.

Now Susan, of Hawick, is planning to spend more time with husband Alister, a former international rugby player capped 15 times for Scotland in the 1980s, and her two daughters, Lee and Laura, as well as her four grandchildren.

She said: “It’s a pity I couldn’t have made it just that little bit extra time and made it up to 30 years but, never mind, that’s the way it goes.

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“I was planning to keep working and cut my hours because my hubby recently retired, but then my illness took hold again and working was not doing me any favours.

“I loved working at Chrysties, and I really miss the folk there.

“Sometimes I don’t miss the odd customer that expects the world, but other than that I wouldn’t have worked anywhere else because I really enjoyed it. I would still be there if it wasn’t for my health.”

Marion Chrystie, a company director and wife of Bob, said: “Susan actually first came for work experience when the business was just about to start, and I told Bob I thought she would be the ideal lady for the job in the office.

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“She has been an extremely loyal member of staff since we first started the business in 1990, so she was with us from its infancy right up until recently.

“She made a huge contribution because she has so much great local knowledge and always had good ideas to contribute.

“Her role moved on all the time as the business grew. When she worked in different departments, she always embraced the change with enthusiasm and was always incredibly efficient.

“Susan was a great asset to the business and will be really missed.”

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