Borders brewery proud to be among seven of best showcased by Aldi beer festival

John Henderson at Born in the Borders with beers of his featured in the latest Aldi Scottish beer festival.John Henderson at Born in the Borders with beers of his featured in the latest Aldi Scottish beer festival.
John Henderson at Born in the Borders with beers of his featured in the latest Aldi Scottish beer festival.
Born in the Borders is among seven of the best being showcased by supermarket chain Aldi’s latest Scottish beer festival.

Like its last in-store festival, launched in July and featuring Tweedbank’s Tempest Brewing Co, but unlike the 17 preceding that one, it features five beers apiece from seven breweries rather than one each from 30-plus of them.

The five beers brewed at Born in the Borders’ brewery at Lanton Mill, near Jedburgh, being offered shelf space this time round are Rebel Yell, Harvest Moon, Dark Horse, Liquid Velvet and Wildside, all priced at £1.69 and all between 3.5% and 4.8% alcohol by volume.

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On now at the German-based discount retailer’s 88 stores across Scotland – including two here, at Hawick and Galashiels – and running for as long as stocks last, the festival also features Fallen Brewery, Fierce, Brewdog, Barney’s Beer, Stewart Brewing, Orkney Brewery and Isle of Skye Brewing.

Aldi’s festivals yield combined sales of £140,000-plus a time for the breweries highlighted, and though that extra custom is very welcome, it’s not the only reason to be glad to take part, according to John Henderson, owner of Born in the Borders.

The festival’s order of about 12,000 beers and bottles accounts for more than a tenth of the 100,000 his business, started in 2011 as Scottish Borders Brewery, turns out a year alongside barrels of cask ale, but the kudos that being involved brings is also important, he says.

“We are thrilled to be featured in the line-up of Aldi’s Scottish beer festival,” said John.

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“Born in the Borders has a fantastic relationship with Aldi, and we are incredibly grateful for their support to help bring our beers made in the Borders to Aldi customers around the country.

“It’s great to get them out there to such a wide market, and it’s great to be in such good company.

“It’s the best of Scottish brewing, including Brewdog and Fallen, and it’s nice to be among them.”

Graham Nicolson, group buying director for Aldi in Scotland, added: “Our popular in-store Scottish beer festival is back, and this time we have an extra special, award-winning line-up of hand-selected beers from some of Scotland’s top craft breweries.

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“From light and refreshing ales to decadent dessert beers, there is something to suit any palate in this line-up.

“Scotland is home to over 100 craft breweries, all producing great quality beer.

“Aldi’s Scottish beer festival is a fantastic way to celebrate the very best of Scottish brewing, and we’re proud to support local brewers by showcasing the best of their craft beers to our customers.”

Born in the Borders and Tempest are regulars at Aldi’s twice-yearly Scottish beer showcases, as are fellow Borders breweries Broughton Ales and Traquair House at Innerleithen.

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