Safety in numbers on bonfire nights

It's bonfire season ... and it's generally accepted that the best and safest way to enjoy it is to go along to an official organised display.

Monday, 29th October 2018, 3:11 pm
Updated Monday, 29th October 2018, 3:28 pm
Village residents see the bonfire as a great way just to get together and enjoy the evening.

And there is bound to be one close to you this weekend.

The village hall committee of Gattonside took the bull by the horns a few years ago and decided to hold their bonfire and fireworks event a whole week before anyone else, and as such merges it with a halloween-themed evening.

Firework display at Gattonside on Saturday.

Co-organiser Anne Lyal told us: “We used to have it on the same evening as Galashiels, and it meant the crowd was split between here and there.

“So to get the most kids here we decided to have it at halloween, which means we can double up with a pumpkin competition and fancy dress, as well as our usual barbecue and mulled wine stalls.

“Eileen and Alistair Buchan kindly let us use their land for the bonfire – we put the turf back after it’s done – it’s just a community event with no other purpose than to get together and enjoy ourselves.”

Here’s a few of the other events under way in the coming days.

Manning the burger stall are Fiona Dawson, Eileen and Alistair Buchan and Alastair Barr.

Saturday, November 3

Selkirk: Haining House, 6.30pm-9pm. A torchlight procession takes place from the Market Place at 6.30pm. Please note: No sparklers. Live music and refreshments available.

Hawick: Mansfield Park, 6.15pm.

Peebles: Victoria Park, from 6pm.

The mulled wine was a popular beverage on the cool October evening.

Lauder: Burnmill area, from 6pm.

Sunday, November 4

Oxton: Village green, 6.30 for 7pm.

Monday, November 5

Betty Anderson in charge of the mulled wine.

Denholm: Auld Cross Keys Inn, from 6pm.

Kelso: Border Union Showground, from 6pm, when the bonfire will be lit. Fireworks will start at 6.30pm. Refreshments available.

Friday, November 11

Yetholm: Torchlight procession from the village shop at 5.45pm to the playing fields for bonfire.