Revealed: The most interesting items found in storage rooms across the UK

A full joint of ham, a samurai sword, and a vast collection of designer clothes a wife is hiding from her husband - these are just some of the things Brits have left behind in storage facilities across the UK.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 25th May 2017, 4:35 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:38 pm

Self-storage provider Space Station has found many weird and wonderful items in storage containers left forgotten by tenants over the years, but old meat, deadly weapons and a hoard of unworn fashion items certainly stand out as peculiar. An old piano and an electric-powered Postman Pat van also feature on the wacky list.

Vlatka Lake, Marketing Manager at Space Station, said: “I am definitely surprised at the sort of things we have found, it just shows that people need storage for absolutely anything!”

Stumbling across a stuffed mammoth, a life-sized My Little Pony, fake horse’s heads and a stack of old newspapers are just some of the surprises awaiting Space Station employees when they investigate forgotten containers.

But it’s also not uncommon for employees to hear unusual requests too, some customers even ask if the storage containers are liveable and if it’s possible to stay overnight.

“With the self-storage trend on the rise, the amount of weird and wonderful items being stored here in the UK is bound to see an increase,” Ms Lake added. “Staff here at Space station are on the lookout for the next most wonderful and interesting items!”

Seemingly this forgetful trend is only like to continue.

The top ten weirdest items found in storage rooms in the UK:

A full joint of ham


A riffle and samurai sword

An old piano

An old wooden fridge

Postman Pat’s electric van

An old american classic car

An ejection seat from a 1950s Canberra Bomber

Champagne bottles

Designer goods.