Residents in flood affected areas asked for information

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) is appealing to residents in areas of the Borders affected by flooding during Storm Desmond to provide information and images to help build up a picture of the extent of the event.

An example of a high water mark.
An example of a high water mark.

Photographs of high water marks and trash lines and information regarding water levels from across the region will enable the Council to work with SEPA to get an accurate view of how the flood’s impacts compared to the recorded river levels and rainfall.

Residents in Hawick in particular are urged to send in their information. The council is currently in the outline design phase for a Hawick Flood Protection Scheme and any information on the weekend’s floods will assist with the work.

The information can be sent to [email protected] or can be filled in online at

An example of trashlines

Councillor Gordon Edgar, SBC’s executive member for roads and infrastructure, said: “Following such an event it is vital to build up an accurate picture of how the rainfall and river levels correspond with flood damage.

“This is especially true in Hawick given the stage we are currently at with the initial designs for the flood protection scheme, however we are appealing for this information from right across the Scottish Borders in relation to this weekend’s floods.”

Residents who have been affected by the floods, and others in flood risk areas, can purchase heavily subsidised flood protection products through the council.

Among the items available are Floodgates, which can be used to protect doors, Floodsax, which are effectively expandable sandbags, and air bricks, which are air vents which automatically close up when floodwater reaches the bottom of them.

Kevin Sewell, SBC’s assistant emergency planning officer, said: “People often think that flooding will not affect them, even if they do live in flood risk area.

“We have already heard several stories from the weekend of people who had purchased flood protection products escaping serious damage, whereas neighbours without this protection were inundated with floodwater.

“This emphasises the effectiveness of the products available, which can be purchased at a fraction of the usual retail price thanks to the subsidies available.”

More information about the products available can be found on the SBC website, via, or by contacting the Emergency Planning team on 01835 825056.