Pupils' prank to sell BHS on ebay

Sixth form pupils leaving Berwickshire High School this week upped the ante when it comes to pranks by putting the school up for sale on ebay.

Berwickshire High School, Duns
Berwickshire High School, Duns

The £25m school built in 2009 appeared on the online marketplace site for the bargain price of £2,018.

The ebay advert read: “On behalf of the Berwickshire High School’s Class of 2018, we present the school building, its contents and full use of all staff for sale at a bargain price of £2,018.

“The building comprises over 50 rooms, five bathrooms, excellent sporting facilities, luxury kitchen and a host of other amenities.

“However what makes this a great buy is the staff on offer. This full package deal comes complete with an exclusive angry headmaster, who will probably murder us when he realises we created this listing.

“Also included are three decorative wall hangings depicting students just trying to go about their daily life (no-one asked for these), a duck pond which we’re sure is radioactive, and a number of other noteworthy teachers who will almost definitely explode after reading this.

“What makes this a unique purchase is the atmosphere of lost hopes and dreams filling the corridors, as pupils live dreaming of the day they can kiss the place goodbye.

“Interested parties in this property can expect full hospitality during their viewing – it’s the least we can do, considering the building is literally sinking into the ground.”

Taking the prank in their stride spokesperson for Scottish Borders Council said: “The listing of Berwickshire High School for sale by auction was carried out by pupils on their last day of school before entering their exam period.

“It was obviously done in a moment of high spirits and that is how it is being received by the school, with pupils keen to see just how much the school they actually hold in high affection could potentially be worth.”