Problem parking hitting bank van's Selkirk visits

Royal Bank of Scotland customers left disgruntled by the closure of its Selkirk branch in May are now missing out on the mobile service drafted in to replace it too.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 3rd September 2018, 6:21 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 6:25 pm
Selkirkshire councillor Caroline Penman in Market Place, Selkirk.
Selkirkshire councillor Caroline Penman in Market Place, Selkirk.

Inconsiderate drivers hogging the few parking spaces available in the town centre have led to the replacement service having to venture further afield during its weekly visits, made from 2.45pm to 3.15pm on Mondays, leaving some Souters in the dark as to its whereabouts.

That problem has arisen due to the town becoming a victim of its own success, more businesses opening having led to an increase in irresponsible parking, particularly in disabled and loading bays, by their customers, according to Selkirkshire councillor Caroline Penman.

One of the worst affected parts of town is Market Place, and twice in the last month, the Royal Bank of Scotland’s mobile banking unit has been unable to park up at its designated spot there and has had to look for a space elsewhere.

As the unit only stays in town for half an hour, that has led to some customers missing out on accessing their bank accounts and using other services.

That has prompted Mrs Penman to appeal to motorists to be more considerate, saying: “With more businesses opening up in the town, parking is becoming a real issue.

“We particularly have an issue with drivers abusing the loading and disabled parking bays.

“Twice in the last month when the RBS mobile branch has visited the town it has been unable to use the Market Place for the allotted time period of half an hour, therefore the branch has had to move up to the top car park, where customers have been unable to find it. Drivers need to be more considerate and park more responsibly.

“Parking up on the new pedestrian areas in the Market Place is also an issue. If this continues, long-term damage will be caused.

“Saying ‘I will just be a few minutes’ is simply no longer good enough.”

Motorists have no excuse for flouting the rules as there is sufficient signage in the centre of town, she says.

“The police community action team have been in the town a couple of times and booked or just moved the motorists on, but as soon as they leave, motorists go back to their bad habits,” she added.

“The team need to visit the town on a regular basis or we need to campaign further to bring back traffic wardens.

“Parking is an issue all over the Borders because no one is there to monitor it.”

“Many motorists have just become lazy and inconsiderate.”