Meet your new Selkirk Community Council

Selkirk's new-look community council was installed on Monday evening, as all 12 members attended the inaugural meeting.

Friday, 18th August 2017, 9:38 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th September 2017, 11:52 am
Selkirk Community Council 2017. From left: George Irvine, Jim Stillie, Judith Thompson, Alistair Patullo, Adrian Kentleton, Kirsty Lovatt, Tommy Combe, John Hawkins, Ian King, Kevin Crawford, Graham Easton and Alasdaire Lockhart

There is a welcome blend of old and new faces, although as far as the official posts are concerned, there was no real change.

Returning officer, Selkirkshire councillor Gordon Edgar, expressed his delight as the maximum number of applicants was reached.

He thanked former members Kath Beattie and Caroline Cruikshank, who, he said, had provided “many years of great and loyal service to the community council and the town.”

The new members, some of whom were back serving the community council after a hiatus, were introduced, and they all agreed to abide by the code of conduct for community councillors.

Alastair Pattullo was returned to the chairman’s position, while Graham Easton, who has served as chairman twice, was appointed vice chairman.

Kirsty Lovatt was officially appointed secretary, a post she has ably filled since Alasdaire Lockhart stepped down from the post last year after a row with Ian King about the minutes. Both Mr Lockhart and Mr King retained their seats in the community council.

Tommy Combe was returned as treasurer, although there was a brief discussion about the possibility of installing a new post, assistant treasurer, to aid Mr Combe in his duties, as well as to ensure someone else is shown the ropes. This position was accepted by Judith Thompson, the only new member to be given a post.

The other new members were named as George Irvine, Jim Stillie, Adrian Kentleton, John Hawkins and Kevin Crawford.

All of the community councillors were given a list of the sub-committees and groups – such as Blooming Selkirk, Selkirk Sessions, Scott’s Selkirk, Chamber of Trade, Christmas illuminations, the Plattling Twinning Group and the Hill Management Group.

For the next meeting, they were asked to consider which of them they would like to represent the community council on.

The community council is in place for the next four years, although the official posts can change at an AGM.