Borders MP calls for Afghan aid

Borders MP John Lamont this week called on the UK Government to aid the evacuation of Afghans who helped the allied effort in the troubled country to be evacuated as quickly as possible.

John Lamont MP
John Lamont MP

He also asked for a substantial refugee scheme to be put in place for Afghans fleeing the Taliban regime.

Mr Lamont said: “The situation in Afghanistan is extremely alarming. I cannot imagine how frightening it must be for those British nationals, and those who helped our Armed Forces, still in Kabul and in other areas of Afghanistan.

“I know that the British Ambassador to Afghanistan is remaining in Kabul alongside his staff who are working day and night to process applications for evacuation.

“The priority of the UK Government is to evacuate all British nationals and those who have assisted the British effort. It is welcome to see plane loads of people already safely arriving back in the UK at RAF Brize Norton.

“I don’t think anyone wants to see Afghanistan fall back into the hard-line ideals of the Taliban. This would be catastrophic for the people there, no more so than the women who are treated as second class citizens. Similarly, it could act as a breeding ground for terrorism, posing a risk to lives on our shores as well.

“I therefore want to see a substantial refugee scheme put in place for Afghans fleeing.”

He added that he has spoken to the Foreign Office about Paul Farthing and his animal charity Nowzad, which he said “a lot of Borderers are concerned about”.