Poachers near Whitsome

Police received a report of possible poachers in the Whitsome area yesterday evening (Tuesday, February 23).

Two men in camouflage clothing and woolly hats with numerous dogs and two green quad bikes were seen, along with a 7.5 ton horsebox, at around 6:45pm.

The vehicles had left the scene heading towards Chirnside prior to Police arrival and were not traced.

Police are urging people to report any suspicious activity by phoning 101 or 999 in an emergency, giving as much detail as possible including vehicles types and registration numbers

They offer a checklist for action to be taken if people suspect a wildlife offence has been, or is being committed:

Do report. Even if you are not sure - report the incident.

The evidence of wildlife crime is not always obvious.

Take a note of the date, time and weather conditions.

Try and give an accurate description of both the incident scene and location from where you witnessed the incident.

Note a description of person/s involved including gender, age, height, clothing etc.

Write down any vehicle registration numbers, make, model, and colour that may be involved.

Identify other witnesses and obtain their name and contact details.

Photograph or video the scene, or make a rough sketch.

Cover up any suspected poisoned baits or dead animals victims to prevent any animal / person coming into contact with them.

Do not disturb the scene by moving items or walking about unnecessarily.

Do not touch dead animals or birds, especially if you suspect that poison may have been used.

Do not interfere with legal countryside practices such as the legal use of traps and snares, hides, high seats and shooting butts.

Never approach suspects or intervene if you suspect someone is committing a wildlife crime – you may put yourself in danger.