People's History Show tells story of Black Agnes AgnAgnes

Sarah Mack and Ashley Cowie from  STV's The People's History Show.Sarah Mack and Ashley Cowie from  STV's The People's History Show.
Sarah Mack and Ashley Cowie from STV's The People's History Show.
The Borders will feature in a new series of STV's The People's History Show which explores the tales of Scotland's past in six brand new episodes.

The show is broadcast on Friday evenings at 8pm and is fronted by presenter and journalist Sarah Mack and historian and adventurer Ashley Cowie.

Each programme looks back in time to discover the places and people that make up Scotland’s history, with Sarah and Ashley travelling from the Borders in the south to Shetland in the north.

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The second episode of STV series The People’s History Show will air on Friday, March 321, at 8pm and features a story from Dunbar.

It will feature Black Agnes, daughter of Thomas Randolph, Earl of Moray, nephew and companion-in-arms of Robert the Bruce.

In 1338 the English laid siege to Dunbar Castle, where Lady Agnes was in residence with her servants and a few guards. However, she was determined not to surrender the fortress.

Women were known to take charge of castle or manor business while the husband was away in the Middle Ages and Lady Agnes is one of the best remembered instances. Salisbury’s first attempt at taking the castle centred on catapulting huge rocks and lead shot against the ramparts, but this was met with disdain by Lady Agnes, who had one of her ladies-in-waiting dust off the ramparts with her kerchief.

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Presenter Ashley Cowie said, “The history of Scotland is found not only in books, but in the stories and folklore of its people. This series is extra special to me as we travelled the length of Scotland and filmed some great characters in my home county of Caithness, giving the show a truly nationwide appeal.”

Sarah Mack added: “It has been a fantastic opportunity to work on a series that never ceases to amaze me with the weird, wonderful and sometimes gruesome history it explores.”

The series will also be available to watch live or for catch-up on the STV Player,

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