Ziggy helps kids cross safely

Local kids were treated to a special storytelling session at Wilton Lodge Park in Hawick from loveable Road Safety Scotland character Ziggy, as part of a nationwide Ziggy’s Big Day Out tour of country parks in Scotland.

By Kevin Janiak
Monday, 1st August 2022, 1:53 pm
Updated Monday, 1st August 2022, 2:07 pm
Ziggy the alien takes kids through their road safety paces at Wilton Lodge Park.
Ziggy the alien takes kids through their road safety paces at Wilton Lodge Park.

The tour will help equip children and parents with the skills, knowledge and attitudes that will keep children safe on our roads now and in later life.

After a fun, interactive storytelling session with their favourite alien, and lots of goodies up for grabs, children put their new skills into practice on a walk around the park with Ziggy, helping to bring real road safety situations to life in a safe, fun and memorable way.

Michael McDonnell, Road Safety Scotland Director, said: “Children should be immersed in positive road safety attitudes from a young age and it has been widely recognised amongst behavioural psychologists that early experiences shape children’s future behaviour, reiterating the importance of practising and teaching safe road habits from the very beginning.

“Ziggy is a fun character with an important role and the Ziggy’s Big Day Out tour of country parks will help put these invaluable skills into practice and create lasting memories for children and parents alike.”

Written by children’s author Lynda Kennedy and illustrated by Lynn Taylor, the Go Safe with Ziggy books are freely available to all Early Learning and Childcare centres and Primary 1 classes in Scotland, and parents and teachers have access to online resources and activity ideas. The Ziggy series is also available in Scots and Gaelic.

Books can be ordered on roadsafety.scot/ziggy-order.

This summer, Ziggy will be visiting country parks across Scotland, including Beecraigs Country Park in Linlithgow on Monday 18th July, as well as parks in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dumfries, Hawick, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen. Details are available on Road Safety Scotland’s social media channels: Facebook @roadsafetyscotland and Twitter @RoadSafetyScot.

For more information about Go Safe with Ziggy, visit roadsafety.scot/ziggy-online.