Wristband success for new Rotary group

Rotary’s newest club in the Borders, Rotary Borderlands, in conjunction with their colleagues from eight other local Rotary clubs, provided safety wristbands to children attending the Border Union Show at Kelso on Friday and Saturday (see pages 32 and 33).

Kids were issued with free wristbands at the popular agricultural event in case they lost their parents in the crowd.
Kids were issued with free wristbands at the popular agricultural event in case they lost their parents in the crowd.

The wristbands were endorsed with their parents’ mobile phone number as a safety measure

in case they became separated in the large crowds. Indeed, the project proved to be invaluable

on Saturday when a very young child was found crying and wandering by a Rotarian who

was then able to trace the parents very quickly and reunite mum and son. Keeping children

safe by providing this free service encapsulates all that the organisation represents – Service

Above Self.

Photo showing young child wearing a secure wristband at a Rotary checkpoint

Rotary Borderlands is a new style of Rotary, operating to support the 10 existing traditional

Rotary Clubs across the Borders area, whilst also delivering their own community driven


This new group will dispense with the traditional weekly meeting, replaced with a morning

get-together on a monthly basis over a coffee to discuss and plan projects whilst enjoying the

fellowship Rotary is famed for.

The group’s recipe for success is to establish diversity of thought, age, gender, culture, and

vocation in order that a real and meaningful difference can be made to those more in need.

With such a wide variety of experience and the backing of Rotary’s own charitable

Foundation through financial grants, the group will address things which can be beyond the

reach of many other community groups. With some enthusiastic members, the group has a

real commitment to make a difference both at home and abroad.

By harnessing the power of Rotary’s 1.4 million members across the world, this new group

can provide an opportunity for those who want to give something back to society without

having to commit to weekly meetings.

For more information on how to get involved, either in the Borderlands Group or with a

traditional Rotary Club, contact the group via their Facebook page.