Voice of the Tattoo is a school ‘Legend’

Borders-based Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo writer and narrator and children’s author Alasdair Hutton has become a “Legend” at a school he attended half a world away in Australia.

Friday, 19th March 2021, 3:10 pm
Updated Friday, 19th March 2021, 3:16 pm
Alasdair Hutton, known as the ‘voice’ behind the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, has been given the title "Legend" by his former school in Australia.

Alasdair, who was also SBC Convener and South of Scotland MEP as well as a TA Parachute

Regiment officer, described the event as “A huge honour of which I am immensely proud”.

After his father died in 1954, Alasdair’s mother emigrated to Queensland in Australia with

her three children and the eldest, Alasdair, enrolled at Brisbane State High School.

“I was not a distinguished student but the experience was of immense value. There were boys

and girls from all over Europe, east and west, in my classes and I was able to see Scotland

from a much wider perspective than I could at home and to understand Europe much better.”

Alasdair will be inducted at the School’s Foundation Day ceremony on 19 July although, he

says, “I think, to my great regret, it is highly unlikely that I shall be able to be there for such a

proud moment.”

The first of the current 30 State High Legends were named in 2008 and came from a diverse

range of endeavours, business, academia, sport, community service, politics, medicine, the

arts and military service; a further group was added in 2014 and the new Legends are being

created to celebrate the school’s centenary in 2021.

“When I look at the list which includes a Governor General of Australia, Olympic Gold

medallists, rugby internationalists, leaders of industry, science and the arts, I am stunned to

be counted in their company,” said Alasdair.

“I think that thirty years writing and presenting the world’s greatest Tattoo, including all of

its performances in Australia, and possibly my political and military service may have

persuaded the Committee who chose the Centenary year Legends.”

“The idea of the Legends is to highlight the achievements of past students which could

motivate students in years to come. I can only hope that what little I have done will

encourage and inspire today’s students to realise that they too can achieve something worthy

of being remembered,” Alasdair said.

Brisbane State High School is a top-rated school in Queensland with an enviable academic

and sporting record including its own roll of some 35 Olympians in sports as diverse as

athletics, swimming, rowing, hockey, fencing, rugby sevens, basketball and skating.