Success is sweet for Ally Bally Bee group

The weather turned round just in time for Galashiels’ fancy dressers, with a balmy 19o evening bringing out a good number of entrants.

Sunday, 30th June 2019, 4:36 pm
Coulter Candy.

There was also a large crowd of spectators, both in the Scott Park for the judging and around the town.

Highlights included more floats than in recent years, one acting as a cage for some primary pupils “in detention” and another full of award-winning pupils from Stow who were delighted to be given the chance of spreading their climate change message.

There were many more entrants in foot, too, several celebrating the town’s Braw Lads Gathering, but the overall winner title went to an unfeasibly large and well-dressed group celebrating the fact that Coulters Candy originated in Galashiels.

Peter Pan Niamh Harper shadow Hannah Crawford


Prams: 1, Gala-xy Explorers – Josie, Reagan, Charlie, Alexander and Lexi; 2, Wee’re Still Game – Chloe, Nicola, Amy and Sarah; 3, Quinn Coco Chanel – Quinn.

Pre-school groups: 1, Caddonfoot Pipes & Drums – Caddonfoot Toddlers; 2, The Greatest Showman.

Junior singles: 2, Future Braw Lass – Elyse; 2, Dragon – Alex; 3,Little Mermaid – Chloe.

Polly and her pirate,Codie Mason and Lynn Alan

Junior Ppairs (up to 16yrs): 1, Cool Runnings – Cerys & Leyton Robertson; 2, Mixing of the Roses – Rosie Matheison and Chloe Clark; 3, Pokemon (Trainee) Detective – Harrison & Oscar Chapman.

Children 6yrs and under: 1, Caught in the Gala – Brandon; 2, Rapunzel – Emmie; 3, Auto Bots –Daniel.

Children 7-15yrs 1, Banana Man – Ryan Young; 2, Fairy – Nellie Mavszalek; 3, Miss Baby Lol – Kornelia Borowska.

Junior groups (up to 16yrs): 1, Gala Monopoly – Glendinning Primary School; 2, The Galae Trolls; 3, Robbie & The Technicolour Dream Coat.

Future Braw Lass Elyse Scott (15 months)

Adult singles: 1, Unicorn – Moira Everett.

Adult groups: 1, Ally Bally Comes Frae Galae – Lisa Kerr; 2, Hen Party; 3, Goldilocks & Three Bares.

Decorated floats: 1, P7 Prisoners Break Out – Glendinning Primary School; 2, Save The Planet – Stow Primary School; 3, Harry Potter Car – Jim Rae.

Best in Parade: 1, Ally Bally Comes Frae Galae – Lisa Kerr.

Ryan Young is Banana Man
Glendinning P7 with "police women" Jayre Rogerson