Steph and baby Ava threw up a Ba' in memory of the late Stewart Ramsay who recently lost his life in a road traffic collision. The Ba' was first hailed by his Grandfather Jimmy Stewart 60 years ago. Photo: Bill McBurnie.

Stewart’s ba' hailed at Hobkirk

The traditional Hobkirk ba’ took place on Monday evening, with around 20 players taking part.

By Kevin Janiak
Wednesday, 9th March 2022, 5:21 pm

The event marked the return of the ba’ after two years out due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the Uppies and the Doonies teams both delighted in the traditional rough and tumble of the occasion, with several looking a bit the worse for wear afterwards, as Bill McBurnie’s photos show here.

The ba’s are sponsored by local businesses and organisations, or by families, perhaps marking a wedding anniversary.

There was a great level of poignancy over one ba’ in particular, which was hailed by the family of the late Stewart Ramsay – who died recently in a traffic accident on the A68 – in memory of the popular son, partner and father who so delighted in all the local ba’ games.

In our front page photo, Stewart’s partner Steph and their daughter Ava held up a very special ba’ that was first hailed by Stewart’s grandfather Jimmy 60 years ago.

Stewart’s mum told The Southern: “Stewart would absolutely have loved to be there.

“He’s scored at all the ba’ events and it’s incredibly sad that he won’t be here for any more.”

Stewart’s ba’ was scored by John Fishwick.

The full results were as follows: Mr and Mrs John Wilson Ruby Wedding – Down Grant Huggan; Mr and Mrs Paul Linton Silver Wedding – Up John Fishwick; Hobkirk 'Ba (Hugh Hornsby) – Up Robbie Linton; Stewart Ramsay Memorial – Up John Fishwick; Hugh Hornsby Memorial – Up Callum Liddle; Community Council – Up Danny Landles; Horse and Hound – Up Brian Kelly. The Hobkirk Ba’ is the precursor to several other games, with Jedburgh’s event taking place tomorrow (Thursday).

At Jed, the boys’ ba’s start at noon, with the men’s event beginning at 2pm at the top of Market Place.

Ba’ veteran Billy Gillies said: “It will be grand to get back to it and there are plenty ba’s to hail, with 14 for the boys and 18 for the men.

"We just need to hope people come to play.”

Billy, who turns 80 next year, will be getting in on the action.

He said: “I’m maybe getting on a bit for rolling about the streets, but I attended the Hobkirk ba’ and it was great.”

Ancrum holds its version on Saturday and Denholm on Monday evening.

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