Rotary's eco-friendly bench

Visitors to the Rotary corner (Tollcross) in Eyemouth now have somewhere to rest and take in the views and sea air after a new addition to the site was put in place.
The bench at Rotary Corner.The bench at Rotary Corner.
The bench at Rotary Corner.

The new addition is a bench, which, alongside its base, was reconstructed using only upcycled materials.

A Rotary spokesperson told The Berwickshire News: “In the wake of storm Arwen there was a lot of damaged timber around, which combined with some large packing cases we dismantled, gave us the materials for a bench.

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“This ‘locks in’ the carbon, rather than turning it into firewood and making CO2.

"As Rotary focuses more on ecology, this is a simple demonstration of making a useful product out of waste materials.

"The bench sits between the boat "Inspiration" and the Jubilee tree we planted last year, and has a view of the crossroads down towards the Eyewater.”

The Rotary Club, which received its charter in 1972, meets on Thursday evenings at 6.15pm.

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