Riddell Fiddles keep members tuned up during lockdown

In these difficult times music can be a welcome diversion.

Riddell Fiddles have put resources online to keep members in tune.
Riddell Fiddles have put resources online to keep members in tune.

To this end, Riddell Fiddles, a Selkirk-based community music group, have set up an online teaching resource including a special ‘Bannerfield Buskers Online’ section for the youngsters.

It’s all available on the group’s website www.riddellfiddles.co.uk

The latter includes handy hints on tuning an instrument – fiddle or guitar – whilst in isolation.

The focus is working up new sets for the Post Pandemic Tour of the Scottish Borders ... whenever that may be.

Organiser Shiela Sapkota told us: “Feedback has been positive so far, with one relative in America also asking to be part of the learning.

“It is all a new dimension, driven by current circumstances, but it allows folk to learn.

“At least with a clip you can rewind or slow it all down and still feel part of a group.

“Having played every weekend and held weekly workshops for so many years, refocusing in this way helps at this time and the group intend to have a whole new repertoire, learnt in lockdown, to spring on the world when it lets us out.

“Skype lessons are also on the go ... and they’ve proved quite popular.”

The website has links to sheet music as well as MP3 tunes for members to get them into the swing of things.

The tunes so far include Mothers of St Ann’s, Leaving JP, The Wren, Balchraggan set, Anne’s Reel/Larry’s Tribute and Bob the Bass/Crabbit Shona.

The video, shown above, which appears on the Bannerfield Buskers page, shows how to tune up, and then play along with a tune.