New car park agreed for Selkirk despite concerns over loss of trees

The go-ahead has been given for a new car park in Selkirk, despite concerns raised by an objector over the loss of established trees.
The woodland next to Dunsdale Coachworks.The woodland next to Dunsdale Coachworks.
The woodland next to Dunsdale Coachworks.

Dunsdale Coachworks, a car body repair service, has been granted planning permission by Scottish Borders Council to construct the 10m x 20m car park in an existing wooded area adjacent to the company’s base at Dunsdale Haugh.

A small retaining wall will be constructed at the rear of the car park and 4.2 metre fencing erected around it.

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One objection to the plan was received from a Selkirk resident, who said: “These trees have been there for many decades and removing them would be detrimental to the environment.

“In addition the trees supply an attractive outlook for Dunsdale Haugh Square and currently screen Dunsdale Coachworks from the residential properties”.

A tree survey submitted with the application addressed the issue, saying that replacement trees would be planted.

It adds: “Featuring a species profile of approximately 40 per cent Common Alder, 40 per cent Norway Maple and 20 per cent Wild Cherry, this young woodland compartment indicates a significant deficiency in active arboriculture management.

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“Congestion has resulted in very few specimens having achieved adequate structural development, and there is a near-universal pattern of asymmetric trees on the compartment edges and stretched specimens in the woodland interior.

“A scheme of tree (and, if appropriate, shrub) planting is to be implemented under the terms of the development proposal. The level of compensatory planting should reflect all tree losses and other impacts incurred as a result of the development”.

In his report approving the application, SBC lead planning officer Carlos Clarke says: “This modest expansion of an existing industrial site is not inappropriate in its nature and scale and will evidently support an established business on its existing site”.