MP says fuel price variation is 'unfair'

John Lamont MP.John Lamont MP.
John Lamont MP.
Borders MP John Lamont has said the vast difference in fuel prices in the region is “unacceptable”.

This week, he said that local consumers were being treated ‘unfairly’ as several petrol stations within a 30-minute drive of each other are charging very different prices.

He recently wrote to Shell seeking answers about why there was often such a wide variation in petrol and diesel prices at pumps which are close to one another.

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He highlighted that prices at Shell in Galashiels could be 15 pence per litre cheaper than the prices at another Shell garage in Jedburgh.

A Shell spokesperson responded that: “The primary reason for difference in prices between Shell branded sites is that Shell can only set fuel prices at the sites we own. Of Shell’s UK network of petrol stations, just over half are owned by independent dealers. Shell is prevented by law from telling dealer groups what to charge their customers for fuel.”

While he thanked Shell for the response, John Lamont MP vowed to continue seeking clear answers on the massive price differences and said he hoped to ensure the variations would soon come to an end.

John Lamont MP said: “Petrol stations within such a short distance should not be charging completely different prices for fuel.

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“It’s clearly unfair that there are such massive variations in petrol and diesel prices.

“This is an unacceptable situation that I am determined to keep highlighting in the hope that it comes to an end soon.

“These price variations will be costing workers and families a lot of money for no good reason. It needs to stop.”