Jim issues a ticket to read with new book

Hawick bus driver Jim Inglis is offering passengers a magical mystery tour following the release of his science fiction book A Magic Triangle.

His first novel tells the story of a young schoolboy who befriends a girl from the 12th century and ends up in a quest to save two different worlds from destruction.

And since the book’s digital release on Amazon three years ago, it has garnered 13 reviews, all of them giving it a four- or five-star mark.

Jim, who drives a bus for Peter Hogg, said: “It has been terrific, as readers from all over the world say they love the story. There has been feedback from as far afield as Italy, India and the USA.

“Some of them say they would love it if it was made into a film. That would be fantastic.”

Jim, who is a trained hypnotist, used some of the knowledge gained from his hypnoterapy sessions looking into past lives while writing about the past.

And familiar Borders landmarks also get a look-in.

He said: “The castle in the story is loosely based on Fatlips Castle near Denholm.”

Ronnie Wood lookalike Jim, a former musician, published his life story in 2009, and began to write A Magic Triangle, jotting down ideas as they came to him.

He tried to get it published through agencies in Edinburgh, but, much like one of his influences, J.K. Rowling, he was turned down, so he took the self publishing route.

When it took off online, he decided to publish it as a book, and sell it locally – it’s available in Nature’s Way in Kelso and Deans and Simpson in Hawick.

He currently has no plans to write a sequel, but he says it is not out of the question.

He added: “While the main story has come to a natural end, there are parts of it which have been left open and there is scope for a sequel. If the book sells well, it’s certainly a possibility.”