Jewels around the Eildons

A new project by Greener Melrose aims to grow at least 70 mini gardens around the Eildons to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Donald McPhillimy, chiar of Greener Melrose.
Donald McPhillimy, chiar of Greener Melrose.

These ‘Jewels around the Eildons’, one for every year of the Queen’s reign, will be grown, photographed and displayed in an online gallery.

Donald McPhillimy, chair of Greener Melrose, said: “The gardens can be as big or as small as you like. We imagine that many of them will be very small – a planted-up fish box, a tiny pond, a window box or a container on a balcony."

When the garden is at its most beautiful, the owner is encouraged to take a photo and send it to Greener Melrose at [email protected] and the photo will be added to the gallery.

The project is supported by Scottish Borders Council’s Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Fund.

As part of the project, free compost is available from the Greener Melrose site at Drygrange, near Leaderfoot, to help get the mini gardens started.