Group set up for Borders widows and widowers

Alison and Stu Finnie.Alison and Stu Finnie.
Alison and Stu Finnie.

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A new Facebook group that aims to help widows and widowers in the Borders by creating an online community of people who have gone through the same heartbreaking experience has been launched.

Alison Finnie, 31, who lost her husband Stu in a car accident in February, says she hopes the private group will help others get in touch with like-minded individuals.

She said: “I am very fortunate in that I have really great friends and family members who have been so supportive since Stu died.

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"However, I wanted to talk to people who have gone through the same thing, but couldn’t find a group local to the Borders.

"I was really surprised by that and I just felt there had to be other people in the region who needed this.

"So I started the Facebook group, and people are just sharing their stories and reaching out to others.

"Eleven of us also met up for a coffee, so it’s not all online.”

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The private group has 64 members and rising, and Alison said she hopes it’s just the beginning.

She said: “Hopefully, it’s just the start of something really special, I really think it’s something the Borders really needs.

"I felt it was important to refer to it as a community, as that’s what I’m building.

"I’m the admin of the group, but I don’t want anyone to see me as a leader … as this is just to put people in touch with others who really know what it’s like to lose a partner.”

To apply to join the group, search for “Scottish Borders Widows and Widowers Community” on Facebook.

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