Former visitor attraction set to become a home sweet home

A former Borders visitor attraction which closed almost three years ago is set to become a home sweet home.
The former Teviot Smokery and Water Gardens could be returned to residential use.The former Teviot Smokery and Water Gardens could be returned to residential use.
The former Teviot Smokery and Water Gardens could be returned to residential use.

The Teviot Smokery and water gardens, near Eckford, closed for the final time on July 5, 2020.

The centre specialised in aquatic and general plants and also had a restaurant and gift shop.

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The site is located at Kirkbank House which was purchased by Eric and Kathleen Hallquist in March 2021.

The couple have now submitted a planning application to Scottish Borders Council to revert the Teviot Smokery back to private residential use.

A report submitted with the application says: “While the business did represent a privately run amenity in the form of a rural shop/cafe, the closure of the long-standing business demonstrates that the viability of that business model had already diminished and other recent closures of similar rural amenities such as Born In The Borders would suggest that the current economic backdrop would struggle to support a new business of a similar nature in this location.

“The property was not sold by the previous owner and operator of the Teviot Smokery as a ‘viable concern’ and much of the infrastructure that would be necessary to resume operation of a cafe was liquidated as part of the closure of that business.

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“Some parts of the commercial elements had formerly formed part of the original dwelling and associated residential amenities to Kirkbank House.

“These parts were awkwardly separated from the house during the evolution of the Teviot Smokery business and it would be beneficial to re-unite the former maid’s quarters and kitchen wing with the main part of the house.

“Likewise, the courtyard buildings, which had previously been used for domestic purposes, could provide valuable storage and amenity to the house (storage and office space) and could facilitate future sustainability improvements (potential photovoltaic arrays and other renewable energy features).

“A simultaneous application has been submitted with the aim of obtaining planning permission in principle for a new dwelling on the former car park area that sits alongside the commercial components and had served the Teviot Smokery business.”