Former Selkirk pupil's warning on climate

Former Selkirk High School pupil Virginia Lingstädt and her new children's book.Former Selkirk High School pupil Virginia Lingstädt and her new children's book.
Former Selkirk High School pupil Virginia Lingstädt and her new children's book.
First-time children’s book author, Virginia Lingstädt, who attended Selkirk High School, has launched a new title with an environmental focus.

Virginia believes the book will mostly inspire readers from three to eight years old, with older siblings enjoying it too.

Mamoosh, The Eco-Friendly Child, is aimed at giving children and parents a chance to think about the world in a child-friendly manner.

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It is currently available for £6.99 via major wholesalers such as Waterstones, Foyles, Amazon and Olympia Publishers.

A copy will also be housed in the British Library in London.

Elle Guyan, production co-ordinator from Bumblee Books, said: “We were pleased to help Virginia on her journey to publish this book about a child called Mamoosh, which is not only fun to read for kids with its rhyming couplets and great illustrations, but also gives a good message.”

Virginia’s aim was to create almost a modern Aesop’s Fable but change the message from a moral to earth and climate change awareness.

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Mamoosh is an eco-friendly Alaskan child who, with the help of a lion and a polar bear, realises he must save the places where his animal friends live if the world is to continue being the beautiful place it is.

Virginia, who now lives in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and is currently the director of rRecruitment at Le Répertoire de Gaspard, an English-speaking childcare services agency in Paris, and co-founder of the Paris Institute of Childcare Training, said: “This book will help raise awareness in young imaginations about environmental matters that are relevant in their lives in an easy to-understand manner. It may inspire them to think about the bigger picture in life and how every small action matters. Ultimately, showing love and care for others and the environment around is what makes our world go round.”

Here, she shares a snippet from her book :

“Man has been damaging the world for a long time,

It’s making the ice melt away, the sun lose its shine.

There are fewer fish and animals than before,

It’s up to you… and others to help bring back more.”

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