Dandies on display

On Saturday, June 4, Dandie Dinmont Terriers were back at The Haining in Selkirk for their annual Dandie Derby.

Wilbur and Norman at the Haining.
Wilbur and Norman at the Haining.

More than 60 Dandies took part in the races which have become a firm favourite in the Dandie Dinmont calendar of events.

After a rally on the green and a group photograph around the Old Ginger statue in the Dairy Yard, the dogs and their owners enjoyed a walk around the Haining Loch before indulging in an afternoon of lighthearted races outside The Haining.

Organiser Kenny Allan said: “It's great to be back at The Haining and as usual next year's Dandie Derby will be held on the first Saturday of June, which is June 3.”

The Dandie Derby at the Haining in Selkirk.
The need for speed.
Sheer joy!