Council tax rise plans for larger homes criticised

Local Conservative politicians have criticised the SNP for proposing council tax rises which could cost more than 16,000 Borders residents living in larger homes hundreds of pounds more each year.
SBC Headquarters.SBC Headquarters.
SBC Headquarters.

MSP Rachael Hamilton and MP John Lamont said the SNP must abandon the plans which would mean approximately 16,864 households in the Borders paying up to £747.56 more in council tax.

The SNP plans, put forward in a consultation, would see council tax increases of 7.5 per cent for Band E properties, 12.5 per cent for Band F properties, 17.5 per cent for Band G properties, and 22.5 per cent for Band H properties.

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Research by the Scottish Conservatives has found that the number of households facing tax increases in the Borders would be as follows:

  • 6,617 at Band E, who would see their bills increase £133.63.
  • A further 5,066 would be hit in Band F, who would see their bills increase £275.46.
  • Around 4,691 properties in Band G would be affected, with bills increased by roughly £464.75.
  • And an extra 490 households would face a tax increase at Band H, who would see their bills increase £747.56.

Mrs Hamilton said: “Council tax increases of the scale the SNP Government is proposing would do real damage to household finances. Families struggling with the cost-of-living cannot afford to face even more SNP tax rises.

“Borders residents shouldn’t pay the price for the SNP’s failure to properly fund local councils. Humza Yousaf should ditch these plans immediately.”

Mr Lamont added: “These proposals will worry people across the Borders who rely on local services.

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“Every year the SNP Government chooses to pass the buck onto councils to make impossible decisions about which services to reduce, instead of giving local authorities the financial support they need.

“The SNP must abandon these proposals and deliver more funding to councils to support essential services.”