Celebrate 100 years of this wee broon dug in Kelso

One hundred years ago, the Border Terrier, a ‘wee broon dug’, habitué of hunts and farms in the Borders countryside, was officially registered as a pedigree breed with the UK Kennel Club.

Since that time, this wonderfully versatile little hunter has been become a companion to stars and celebrities, a popular show dog – nationally and internationally – and a much-loved domestic pet.

In celebration of this longevity and popularity, the seven UK Border Terrier Clubs are staging a special four-day event at the Borders Event Centre at Springfield Park, Kelso, from Friday, April 29 to Monday, May 2, offering a warm welcome to all interested owners, breeders, exhibitors and visitors … anyone wanting to learn more, or just be among this durable and engaging breed of terrier and have some fun.

Ronnie Irving, chair of the organising committee, explained: “This international event offers something for all Border lovers, telling the story of the breed as it transitioned from its origins as a farm vermin dog, through hunt terrier, to the Border Terrier we have today.

Fans of the beloved Border Terrier breed are set to flock to Kelso.

"One room at the centre has been filled with memorabilia, including fascinating old photographs and historical documents.

"On Sunday, May 1, there are opportunities to show your own dog, of any breed, at a pedigree dog show and novelty classes for family pets, with entries for both events on the day.

"There is also advice about grooming and hand stripping your Border.

"Visitors can watch a crack team of agility dogs go through their paces and try their own dog at agility and we have terrier racing on Sunday afternoon.

"There are trade stands and food kiosks over the weekend and a Border Terrier breed health conference will close proceedings on Monday morning.”

Ronnie continued: “Guests are flying in from the USA and Canada, Europe and beyond to share this momentous event with us.

"Anyone arriving to share any or all of the days with us will receive a warm Borders welcome."

For more information about this very special event, visit: https://borderterriers2020.org.uk or email: [email protected]