Candidates for Scottish Parliament elections announced

Borderers will be heading to the polling stations on May 6. Who'll get your vote?Borderers will be heading to the polling stations on May 6. Who'll get your vote?
Borderers will be heading to the polling stations on May 6. Who'll get your vote?
Following the close of nominations for the upcoming Scottish Parliament election on Thursday, May 6, the candidates can now be announced.

In the two Borders constituencies, the SNP’s Christine Grahame and Rachael Hamilton of the Scottish Conservatives won their respective seats, and both have chosen to stand again.

The list of candidates for both constituencies is as follows:

Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale

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Dominic Ashmole – Greens; Michael James Banks – Vanguard Party; Christine Grahame – SNP; Shona Haslam – Conservatives; A.C. May – Lib Dems; Katherine Sangster – Labour and Co-operative.

Ettrick, Roxburgh andBerwickshire

Ian Davidson – Labour and Co-operative; Rachael Hamilton – Conservatives; Barbra Harvie – Greens; Jenny Claire Marr – Lib Dems; Jesse Rae – Independent; Paul Wheelhouse – SNP.

The list candidates are as follows: Alba – Cynthia Guthrie, Corri Wilson, Suzanne Blackley, Laurie Flynn; All4Unity – George Galloway, Jamie Blackett, Dr Bruce Halliday, Jim Grindlay, Kirsteen Michell, Elspeth Grindlay, Malcolm MacDonald; Conservative – Oliver Mundell, Rachael Hamilton, Craig Hoy, Brian Whittle, Sharron Dowey, Shona Haslam, Finlay Carson, Scott Hamilton, Alex Allison, Eric Holford, Alexandra Herdman, John Denerley. Labour – Colin Smyth, Carol Mochan, Martin Whitfield, Claudia Beamish, Kevin McGregor; Lib Dems – Catriona Bhatia, Jenny Marr; Reform UK – Michelle Ballantyne, David Kirkwood; Scottish Greens – Laura Moodie, Barbra Harvie, Dominic Ashmole, Kath Malone, Charles Strang, Ciara Campbell, Peter Barlow, James Puchowski, Tristan Gray; SNP – Emma Harper, Joan McAlpine, Paul Wheelhouse, Màiri McAllan, Richard Walker, Heather Anderson, Siobhian Brown, Stacy Bradley, Paul McLennan, Ali Salamati, Stephen Thompson, Laura Brennan-Whitefield; UKIP – Richard Elvin.

The Southern Reporter will give readers a closer look at the candidates in the weeks between now and the election.