Call to stop bad parking at flats

The sticky issue of parking in Kelso was discussed at length at the town’s last community council this month as several elderly residents made their voices heard.

By Kevin Janiak
Wednesday, 18th March 2020, 11:34 am
Rutherford Square in Kelso
Rutherford Square in Kelso

The seven residents of Scottish Borders Housing Association’s (SBHA) Rutherford Square facility said that their safety was being endangered by drivers who continually block the entrance to the care home by parking illegally.

Raymond Borthwick told councillors that it was mainly people parking to go to the Waggon pub nearby.

He said: “They are blocking access to emergency vehicles and anyone trying to get out of the place.

“I told a few drivers what they were doing and I can’t tell you in a public place the replies I got.

“We have gone to the police and they say it is a council problem and the council says it’s the police.

“Who do we go to to sort this?”

Another resident, Marie Warner, said people were also parking in the square, which meant residents couldn’t get a space.

She said: “I have had to park my car in the Knowes car park, and it’s not easy for me to walk that distance.

“Some cars have been at Rutherford Square for two weeks and have never moved.

“There are only five parking spaces in the square to cater for 26 flats, so it can be difficult at the best of times.”

Kelso provost Dean Weatherston said he would arrange for a meeting to take place between SBHA, Scottish Borders Council and the police to discuss what can be done for the residents.

The wider parking problems in the town were also discussed at the meeting in the Tait Hall on Tuesday, March 10.

It was claimed that businesses were losing out on potential customers as there were few spaces available in the town centre, with some drivers keeping their cars in place all day, due to lack of policing.

Harry Tomczyk asked if parking spaces could be subdivided into spaces which allowed different times.

Councillor Euan Robson replied: “It would only cause confusion if some were 20 minutes, some 30 minutes and others two hours.”

Councillor Tom Weatherston said: “Any time I’ve been in the Knowes car park there has always been plenty spaces.”