Borderers raise almost £1,000 for TD1 Youth Hub crisis appeal in just 48 hours

An appeal to fund food parcels, emergency grants and support packages to young people in the Borders has raised almost £1,000 in just two days.

Ladhope Vale youth work hub, TD1, launched the online giving page this week in a bid to bolster its funds ahead of an expected increase in aid demand during the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

And Borderers more than answered the call for help, donating more than £900 in around 48 hours,and taking the charity almost to its £1,000 target.

TD1 Youth Hub manager Douglas Ormston said: “During the Coronavirus crisis we are continuing to provide a vital service delivering food, art and craft boxes, help with mobile phone top-ups and support for gas and electricity top ups to young people and their families.

“This crisis is affecting everyone however we know that some are struggling more than others and it is those we want to help.

“We have already spent over £500 of our own money providing supports to these groups, we can’t sustain this for the weeks and months ahead, so we are asking for those you can help to do so.”

Already the hub’s team of youth workers have provided financial support from its emergency fund to six families as well as handing out more than 20 food parcels and 10 art and craft packs.

Douglas added: “We know our community and we are making this support immediate access and on the basis of trust.

“We don’t need evidence to know who needs support so we can provide it easier and quicker.

“Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far, we are really blown away by getting so far.”