Better water on way for Peebles

Work is to start next week on a new £25million water treatment facility in Peebles to be built by Scottish Water.

The water treatment works at Peebles, which is set to be replaced by a new high-quality facility in the adjoining field.
The water treatment works at Peebles, which is set to be replaced by a new high-quality facility in the adjoining field.

The site will be the first in Scotland to use a new high-quality ceramic treatment process, which will bring clear, fresh, high-quality drinking water to customers in Peebles and Eddleston.

The new Water Treatment Works (WTW) will be built in the field to the south of the existing works on Bonnington Road.

Preparatory work will start on Monday, December 7, when three trees, which are in poor condition, will be removed for safety reasons and the new site access will be made.

During this time, part of Bonnington Road (between the existing Scottish Water site and Castleknowe Road) will be closed for approximately five days, up to Friday, December 11.

After this work is done the team will be back on site in early 2021 to begin constructing the new works, which are due for completion at the end of 2022.

The work will be carried out by Scottish Water alliance partners Amey and Ross-shire Engineering.

Scott Fraser, corporate affairs manager at Scottish Water, said: “This major investment will deliver long-term, sustainable WTW that meets the needs of present and future generations.

“We decided the best option to ensure continued high-quality drinking water for our customers in in the area is to build a new works, rather than try to upgrade the current works, which have been in place for around 50 years.

“The area will continue to be supplied by raw water from Megget reservoir, the current source for drinking water.

“The new works has been designed to have as little visual and environmental impact as possible.

“We will be looking to include renewable energy sources at the site and to offset the delivery of materials and energy used to make the materials, to help Scottish Water reach its ambitious zero carbon target.”

The main process used by Scottish Water to treat drinking water involves passing raw water through membranes which filter out larger organic compounds while allowing clean water molecules to pass through fine pores.

The water that has passed through the membranes is then treated further to ensure it meets customers’ expectations and is safe to drink from the tap.

The new ceramic membrane treatment to be used at Peebles takes up less room, meaning it is housed in a smaller building with less energy use and costs.