Cornet Greig Middlemass waves the Banner Blue at the Mair. All photos: Bill McBurnie.

Banner Blue survives the wind as Greig excels

Hawick Cornet Greig Middlemass produced a “brave and gutsy” performance on the town’s big day on Friday, carrying the town’s flag in wild winds and returning it unsullied and untarnished.

By Kevin Janiak
Thursday, 16th June 2022, 12:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th June 2022, 12:25 pm

Teries were treated to dry weather for Common Riding Friday, the first since 2019, however, the fierce winds meant Greig had his work cut out.

He told The Southern: “It was really tough with the wind, I just had to grip on extra tight.

"However, it was the best of days, one I have dreamed of as long as I can remember, and one I shall cherish for ever.

"When we left the Tower, going through the Tower Arch, and to see the streets packed with supporters, I can’t say how great that feeling was.

"And the ride up the Mair, to see so many people there just having the best of days, it really made it for me.

"I’m so proud of my lass, Emma Gibson. She performed her duties on the Thursday night bussing brilliantly.

"And, although she isn’t from Hawick, she was smiling throughout … she told me that seeing me so happy myself was just brilliant, I think it was catching.”

Common Riding Committee chairman John Hogg was first to offer his congratulations.

He said: “I have to take my hat off to Greig, as although it’s not the biggest flag, it’s really heavy, and the conditions made it really tough, but Greig showed a brave and gutsy performance throughout.

"Everything went well on the day, and some thanks for that goes to the police, who were fantastic, and the council, which was on hand to sort out any problems we had since the start.

"And to see 196 horses and riders supporting the Common Riding was just brilliant in the current economic climate.

"The speeches in the Hut this year were just superb, with every single speaker excelling.

"Gary Alexander toasted the Common Riding, and he was exceptional, and Euan Robson was brilliant as he toasted the Cornet.

"Ex-Cornet Greg Easton toasted Acting Father Alan Brown in his own humorous style, while Greig himself was superb.”

Photographer Bill McBurnie took these images of the town’s special celebrations.

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