Attention! Call out to former cadets

Over the years, hundreds of Borderers have benefited from the experience of being an air cadet, and now the local squadrons need their help in return.
Air cadets and staff at the Border Union Show.Air cadets and staff at the Border Union Show.
Air cadets and staff at the Border Union Show.

Whether it’s the early lessons in discipline through drill, or having the opportunity to learn how to shoot and fly, the Air Training Corps has been a boon in many people’s lives.

However, the RAF Air Cadets, as they are now known, are urging ex-cadets to come back to the fold, after finding difficulty attracting staff.

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The 1716 squadrons at St Boswells and Kelso have been forced to close, with no staff available to run them, and while 2180 Sqn in Galashiels continues to thrive, with 25 cadets on the books, there are only three members of staff.

Commanding Officer, Squadron Leader Jim Henderson, said: “We have always struggled for adult members of staff, so it’s not that new, but since Covid we are past the critical point.

"I think most voluntary organisations will be struggling with staff at the moment, but there must be hundreds of ex-cadets who could help.

"There is no need for adult staff to have previous experience as training will be given, but those who have been cadets will already have an interest in the activities we do.”

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Adult members need to be over 20 years of age, and those with relevant skills such as flying or gliding would be particularly welcome, while previous experience of working with young people is also a prized asset.

Volunteers range from civilian instructors, to adult non-commissioned officers and officers, while there are also places for chaplains, and gliding instructors.