Anger over damage to Three Brethren

The public has been urged not to climb on the Three Brethren cairns near Selkirk after one was found to be damaged.

By Kevin Janiak
Thursday, 9th July 2020, 9:45 am
Stones have been dislodged from one of the Three Brethren cairns.
Stones have been dislodged from one of the Three Brethren cairns.

The three cairns date back to the 16th century and they are a popular viewpoint for many walkers on the Southern Upland Way.

They also act as a waymarker for Selkirk Common Riding, with many people heading up to watch each year’s royal burgh standard bearer lead his mounted followers to the site.

However, in the past month, some of the stones making up one of the cairns have been dislodged.

It’s not known whether it was an accident or if the cairn was intentionally vandalised.

Keith Miller, provost of Selkirk Common Riding Trust, said the damage would be repaired, but he pleaded with people not to climb on the structures.

He said: “It’s possible that it wasn’t deliberate but caused by climbing on it. Even so, these cairns mean a lot to the people of Selkirk.

“Selkirk Common Riding Trust will ensure that the damage is properly repaired.

“The cairns are probably more fragile than they look, so people should be aware that climbing on them could lead to an accident and, if serious, might need a helicopter rescue.”

Keith posted about it on his social media page, and it appears that Souters are far from happy at the damage.

Jim Jackson wrote: “Truly unbelievable. Part of this crazy world we are living in at the moment.”

John Nichol added: “Sacrilege! How to incur the wrath of Selkirk. For their sake, I hope their identity is never revealed.”