Peebles residents kick up stink over Indian restaurant plan

Residents are objecting to plans for an Indian restaurant and takeaway in Peebles.

An application has been made to open the Panna restaurant, with a bar licence, on the corner of Northgate and Dean Park.

The premises was previously run as the Kaleidoscope café and soft play area for children.

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Iain Gordon, representing Dean Park residents, told Peebles Community Council: “We wish to object to this plan as it will have a big impact to our way of life.”

The residents are concerned about odour pollution, food waste storage, increased traffic and anti-social behaviour.

“The applicants have told us they hope to be open in February and we are asking for support from the community council to oppose this,” said Mr Gordon.

Crick Carleton, the community council’s planning chairman, said: “The basis for objection can be communicated to the planning department - there’s no reason not to jump up and down about this.”

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Tweeddale East councillor Willie Archibald, the chairman of Scottish Borders Council’s licensing board, explained that it was easier to get a drinks licence when it was for a restaurant.

But he added there were issues around oversubscribing as there were more licensed premises in Peebles north than in any equivalent area of the Borders.

He told Mr Gordon: “I can understand some aspects of your concerns but the police can raise objections and environmental health can raise objections - there are a whole lot of hoops to jump through.”

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