Welcome mat rolled out by Muslims

News that local Muslims want to open an Islamic centre in Galashiels is a sign of this region's growing diversity.

And what is particularly refreshing is that the Borders Islamic Society (BIS) appears to be bending over backwards to engage with the wider community.

“In a spirit of friendship and co-operation, we want people from all sections of society to come and find out more about us,” said BIS secretary Hamad Mustafa, referring to an open day his organisation is planning to run at Langlee Community Centre.

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We have become all too familiar via television of atrocities committed – according to the perpetrators of these evil acts – in the name of Islam. Actions, quite rightly, condemned by the vast majority of Muslims worldwide.

The Borders Islamic Society is offering non-Muslims the chance to learn for themselves the values of this religion, what it stands for and its attitudes to other members of society, perhaps dispelling a few myths in the process.

Members of the wider community should take up the BIS invitation.

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