Poor Rio in need of '˜forever' home

As you make (or break) your New Year's resolutions, spare a thought for Rio. As an animal rescue charity, our resolution is to ensure Rio finds a loving new '˜forever' home.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 10th January 2017, 1:32 pm
Updated Tuesday, 10th January 2017, 1:37 pm
Rio is in need of a 'forever' home.
Rio is in need of a 'forever' home.

Rio is classic example of the dilemma facing animal rescue charities throughout the UK. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and we think he is five-years-old. He has already been at our Rescue Centre for over a year.

Poor Rio did not have a very good start in life. He was not allowed in the house and spent much of his time living in a cage with virtually no stimulation or contact with other dogs or humans. As a result he finds the world both exciting and challenging; he is desperate for attention and is eager to please..... but this exuberance makes him something of a handful.

Several prospective owners have come forward over the past year – but for various reasons things have not worked out.

Our staff and volunteers have spent the past year working with Rio on his issues – he has a problem with other male dogs and it takes a long time to build trust with humans. He has shown improvement but a Rescue Centre is far from being the ideal environment for Rio’s ultimate rehabilitation.

What Rio needs is a loving home with experienced, patient and determined owners to continue his training and to help provide a stable base to build his confidence and improve his behaviour.

‘Staffies’ and other bull breeds often end up in Rescue Centres for reasons that are many and varied. Sadly, a great many of them are bought for the wrong reasons by people who are not equipped to own a dog. They are extremely intelligent and need constant stimulation and plenty of exercise. The lack of either or both of these is when the problems begin.

Add to this the reluctance of many owners to have their ‘macho’ dogs neutered and it explains why the problem is perpetuated with unwanted cross-breed puppies being born every day.

Over the years we have successfully re-homed dozens if not hundreds of ‘Staffies’, Staffie-cross and other bull breeds. Can you help us keep our New Year’s resolution and provide Rio his ‘forever’ home?