Animal Matters

No I've not gone mad. I do know November 5th is some way off but there are certain things that can help our pets deal with this highly stressful period that requires advice and treatment starting very soon.

Fireworks can scare you pet to death!
Fireworks can scare you pet to death!

From a purely animal welfare point of view, fireworks can be really bad news. In the run up to the night, and for a couple of weeks after, the noise from these can be heard at almost any time. The ‘surprise’ element is very difficult to cope with for humans let alone for the animals in our lives!

Firework displays are an important family event and no matter how much we would like it, they will not be banned any time soon.

For starters though we would like to see their use limited to November 5 only. At least in this way we could be better prepared and not constantly worrying that an explosion could go off outwith this time. At present, fireworks can be sold from October 21 right through to the middle of November.

There are products on the market from tablets, sprays, diffusers and even clothing that are designed to limit the considerable stress many animals suffer during this period in the social calendar. Many require treatment to begin well before the firework season and this is why we are highlighting the subject today.

As with most areas of pet ownership, our advice is always to speak to your vet to get help tailored to your individual animal or animals. Help isn’t just available for cats and dogs. Rabbits, guinea pigs and other small furries, birds and even livestock can all benefit from certain treatments or products.