Borders MP is heckled over Gaza stance and shown pictures of dead children

​Borders MP David Mundell was heckled by protesters outside his surgery in Peebles after being handed pictures of killed in Gaza.
Constituents gathered outside MP David Mundell’s surgery in Peebles.Constituents gathered outside MP David Mundell’s surgery in Peebles.
Constituents gathered outside MP David Mundell’s surgery in Peebles.

​Over 30 pro-Palestine demonstrators held a banner at his bi-monthly surgery which read ‘Votes for David Mundell are votes for genocide’.

The protest was organised by Borders Palestine Solidarity Group who are incensed at the politician failing to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza.

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This action comes hot on the heels of the group accusing Conservative Kelso Councillor Simon Mountford of ‘spreading hate in the Borders’ by retweeting Islamphobic posts on his social media account.

As well as showing the MP the horrific images of dead children, protesters chanted ‘David Mundell you can’t hide you’re supporting genocide’ as he is said to have “hurried” into his waiting car.

One constituent who visited his surgery with the pictures, told the Southern: “I read a poem as he looked through them. I wanted him to see those children, as I imagine he doesn’t look at them at all.”

We contacted Mt Mundell who responded, saying: “The UK Government, along with others in the international community, want to see a sustainable ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza conflict and I support that goal.”

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The group have not rested on their laurels and on Saturday travelled to Edinburgh for a national demonstration.

In the shadow of the Parliament a list of demands were read out by the Edinburgh Gaza Genocide Emergency Committee, which included a comprehensive UK embargo on arms to Israel, and continued pressure being put on the UK Government to renew funding to UNRWA.The event comes days after allegations were made by Israel that a handful of staff working for aid agency UNRWA were involved in the attacks on October 7.

UNRWA has called for a transparent and independent investigation into the allegations which led to the U.K decision to pause funding to the leading aid organisation in Gaza.

The move is said to be yet another huge blow to the people of Gaza who are already facing starvation and displacement.One of the members from the Borders group said: "I am ashamed that the UK government continues to support the genocide being committed by the State of Israel in Gaza. It's unbelievable they think the solution to the suffering being inflicted on the people of Palestine is to withdraw funding from UNRWA.“We will continue to be on the streets to support the Palestinian people"More events are being planned by Borders Palestine Solidarity Group and details can be found on Facebook, or by emailing on [email protected]