MP Lamont is told he can comment on vote after all

Contrary to what we were told earlier today, Borders MP John Lamont has been informed that he can, indeed, reveal how he is going to vote when Conservative MPs take part in this evening's vote of no confidence in prime minister Theresa May.

Borders MP John Lamont
Borders MP John Lamont

Earlier, Mr Lamont told us he was unable to comment on how he was going to vote because he is a member of the executive of the Conservative Party’s 1922 Committee, which organises the ballot.

However, he has since been made aware of the fact that he could, indeed, make comment.

So he did.

He said: “I will certainly be supporting the prime minister. I may not support the Brexit agreement which has been negotiated as it currently stands, but I know that the prime minister is the best person for the job and I have repeatedly said that in public.

“This contest is an unnecessary distraction which has come at a crucial time in the Brexit negotiations, but I am confident that tomorrow Theresa May will be continuing those negotiations.”

The secret ballot takes place between 6-8pm this evening, and Mrs May is now tipped to win it, with the majority of Tory MPs now saying they will support her.

However, it is a secret ballot.

The result of the vote should be declared later tonight.