More misery for householders around Hawick as flood waters breach homes for second time in 12 months

A plea for emergency action has been made after householders around Hawick faced yet more flood misery on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, 24th February 2021, 1:40 pm
Mick Murphy's home at Crowbyres near Hawick was one of those flooded on Tuesday night. (Photo: BILL McBURNIE)

A number of roads and properties were left under water as the Liddel Water in Newcastleton and the River Slitrig near Hawick burst their banks.

In Newcastleton some residents were forced to self-evacuate and take refuge in the village’s health centre for a time.

Meanwhile, water penetrated bungalows at Crowbyres at Bonchester Bridge.

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It was an old familiar story with both areas suffering flooding at the hands of Storm Dennis just over a year ago.

The latest episode has led to a call for action from town provost Watson McAteer, ward councillor for Hawick and Hermitage.

He said: “At this point we’re trying to pin down the number of folk who moved out of their houses, the impact on properties, the road network, the drains.

"There were a number of properties that self-evacuated, effectively, although the council is making the point that there was no formal evacuation call, but many of the residents up there evacuated because they could see the dangers.

"The health centre was opened as a rest and and refreshment centre, so I know that a number of people went there, but L’m not sure of the total numbers yet.

"Water did penetrate properties but there are also reports that flood defences that were put in place after the flooding last year helped and kept water out.

"The bottom line is it is still devastating for that community to be flooded again within a year without there being any demonstrable action taken to prevent it happening and, as a council and a community, we have got to find a way of getting temporary measures in place to alleviate this problem until we can get a full proper flood scheme built there, although that could yet be years away.

"This episode brings forward the case for getting this scheme done much quicker at Newcastleton and find temporary measures, whether it be barrier or barricades, to help alleviate the fears and concerns of the residents every time the river goes up.”

*Turn to page 7 for a report on the impact of further flooding last weekend.