Local musician to play Kirking of Parliament

Westruther musician Phamie Gow will be topping off a busy time on Wednesday when she performs at the Kirking of the new Scottish Parliament.

Phamie said this week: “I have been asked to sing with the wonderful St Giles Cathedral Choir for the Kirking of the Parliament in Edinburgh.

“I always love singing with that choir, which is also a wonderful way to develop your inner ear as a composer as well as enjoy the bliss of singing beautiful music alongside fantastic singers and lead by a brilliant musical director, Michael Harris.”

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Gow was recently in Ireland for the world premier of her work ‘Celtic Threads’, which she described as “ very rewarding, working with lovely musicians, who were all very good people too.

“I ended up writing for piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, uilleann pipes, flute.

“The piece was about the celtic connections between Ireland and Scotland.”

As if that wasn’t enough, she also found time to play at the Madeira Film Festival, and be installed as an Ambassador for the laurisilva forest on the island.

Laurisilva is a variety of subtropical rainforest, and Madeira’s is the largest surviving example of it, protected by UNESCO.