Legion Scotland should help those most needing help

Borders veterans' champion Councillor John Greenwell has given his qualified support to a major new Legion Scotland fundraising drive to help Scotland's ex-servicemen and women.

Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 3:00 pm

Councillor Greenwell supports the ‘Give A Little For Veterans’ campaign to raise funds to support the 31,000 members of Legion Scotland (Royal British Legion Scotland): providing befriending and comradeship support; grants,and disablement pension appeals; advice to ex-servicemen and women. However, he wants a guarantee that the money will be spent on helping those most in need.

“Before I whole-heartedly endorse what I am sure is a very good idea I would want some clarification on where the funds raised would go and who they would be targeted at,” said Councillor Greenwell.

“Veterans that join the RBLS are on the whole in a good place in their lives, it is those living in isolation, suffering from post-traumatic stress, that we need to reach out to, to ensure they are getting the help that they need.

“Here in the Borders a lot of good work has been done over the last couple of years for veterans through our Firm Base meetings. We have, with the help of SBHA, revised the housing policy for servicemen/women leaving the Armed Forces; we have produced a very useful hand book for veterans; and we currently have a steering group looking at ways to find out where our veterans are in the Borders and what help they require.

“I’m hopeful this new initiative by Legion Scotland might help us access funds to progress further work in this area.

“Many of our veterans are very proud and private people. Proud that they served their Queen and country but feeling let down by what they see as a lack of duty of care by government and MOD. This is where RBLS come in.”